Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about getting a vending machine?

Contact us via email or telephone, we will meet you at your workplace, give you our recommendations on machine types and sizes most suitable for your site. We agree on the number of machines to be installed and the location for each, type of machines and the products to be sold through the vending machines. Leave the rest to us, we will organise everything and confirm with you a mutually agreeable time to install the vending machine.

How much will my new vending machine cost?

Absolutely nothing, free of charge, no cost to you at all.

Can we choose what goes in the machines?

Absolutely, we have a large product range available and because we are an independent owner, we are able to source any special requests.

What beverages and snacks do you offer?

We have an extended list of snacks and beverages currently on offer. As we are an independently owned vending machine operator we are able to source any requests you may have. We’re more than happy to send out a ‘sample pack’ of our range, please contact us and we can have this delivered to you and your staff to trial before choosing Insite Vending.

What happens if my machine breaks down?

Our machines are in A1 condition, however in the event of a machine malfunction or coin jam we will service the machine promptly. All of our machines come with ‘SureVend’ a guaranteed product delivery system – ensuring you either receive your product or you get your money back. Just contact the number on the vending machine and we will be there shortly.

What is required on my behalf?

Our machines simply need a standard power point. The machines cannot be run off of a power board, extension lead or double adaptor – they need to be plugged directly into a wall socket.

Can I have healthy snacks in my vending machine?

Absolutely, we have a range of healthier snacks and drinks to choose from i.e. gluten free products, low GI/low Carb/wheat free bars, coconut waters, cheese, rice crackers and alternatives to the traditional chip.

Do we need to sign a contract?

Most definitely not, we’re not here to tie you down with a contract. We’re confident in the service we provide and believe whole heartedly that once you choose our service you will left nothing but impressed.

How big are the vending machines and what happens if I don't have enough space?

At IVS we cater to your needs, we have a range of vending machines from small combination ones to the larger ones. We have a range of suppliers who we can source smaller vending machines from, if space is a problem, please contact us to discuss.

This sounds amazing, how soon can I get the machine?

We can usually have a machine installed and operating within a week, but this will depend on a site to site basis.

What if the venue is upstairs? or downstairs?

This isn’t a problem, our transport crew is able to manoeuvre our machines over stairs.

Do your vending machines accept coins as well as notes?

Yes all IVS vending machines accept are able to accept coins as well as notes, for larger corporations and sites a credit card facility may be installed.

How long do repairs take in case of breakdowns?

IVS will fix any coin jams or machine breakdowns as soon as possible – within 24 hours, and often on the same day.

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