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INVS offers a wide range of automatic snack vending machines. We specialize in distribution, re-filling and offer the best prices in the market! We discuss your needs before we deliver the machine to you for FREE.


Types of automatic snack vending machines


The machines come in various shapes and sizes, tailored to your needs. The most common types of machines are:

  • Snack only
  • Drinks only
  • Drink and snack combo

The selection is customizable and stocked daily! For a full overview of the selection, please view this list.

All of our machines accept both cash and card payments.


How to get an automatic snack machine


If you would like one for your office or venue. Please fill out the form or call us and see if you qualify for a FREE vending machine. If you do, we will deliver the machine to you and keep it stocked daily with your selection of snacks.

Join the hundreds of satisfied INVS customers, get in touch today and let us deliver your machine and take care of all the rest!

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An INVS representative will meet with you to assess your requirements including what machines are suitable for your organization.
INVS will deliver and set up your machine in a suitable location at your organization. Installation is completely free of charge.
INVS will regularly stock your vending machines, and service and maintenance will be carried out free of charge to ensure maximum up-time.
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