Healthy Vending Machine

The difference between a regular vending machine and a healthy vending machine lies in the selection. Regular vending machines are usually stocked with what are commonly referred to as unhealthy choices like sugary drinks, potato crisps, nachos and candy bars.

A healthy vending machine in stocked with more conscious choice inventory for the more health aware office or consumer. Healthy vending machines contain selections like coconut water, non-sugary drinks, fruit, organic snacks, protein bars and even healthy lunch options.

If you would like a healthy vending machine in your office or venue, contact INVS by giving us a call or filling out the form. We can supply your office or venue with a FREE healthy snack and drink machine. We even customise the selection based on your needs, refill stock daily and offer both card and cash payments for your convenience. There are no lock in contracts so join our hundreds of happy and healthy snackers today. Get in touch to have your machine delivered within days!

Check out our selection here or get in touch to learn more about our custom healthy options!

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